Monday, July 28, 2008

I got a fEVEr for more cow bells

Nothing much to see here. I'm still working on making ISK in Eve so I can get that dang carrier. Masada can now take the Level 4 missions from the Royal Khanid Navy agents in my corps home. That means I can make a ton more ISK with missions. Still, I can only make about 40 mil a day. I need about 700 mil and that's nearly 20 days... bleh. Plus I don't really play every day.

As for training. Masada is on Gallente Cruiser V and Porter is still on Long Range Targeting V. Masada will qualify for Heavy Assault Cruisers (pretty bad ass) in about 2 weeks. Porter will qualify for Logistics ships in about 5 days. A Logistic ship is like a "healer" of the space ship world. They tend to make the ships they support seemingly invincible. But we'll see.

Otherwise... not much gaming going on. I might be teaching Gabe Magic the Addiction... er Magic the Gathering. I don't even know if they still make it.

Game on!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

nEVEr Really Stopped

Okay, okay… I never really stopped playing EVE. I have cut way back and then recently got sucked back in again. Mostly I have kept up my active training. I did have to make a few changes.

After more than a year, I had to leave the EVE corp I was in. The membership had dropped off to near nothing and my odd playing time in New Zealand kept me at an opposite schedule to them. I went searching for a new corp to actively play in and actually ran in to an old EVE buddy still playing, Domitianvs. He has stayed mostly in Empire space (safe space) since I began my career as a 0.0 pilot (not safe space). He is still hacking at Empire space in a new corporation called East Khanid Trading. That’s the last Empire region in the “south” before you get to the might Band of Brothers controlled regions (the dreaded BoB). They have a nice outfit with a ton of good perks that you don’t often see in the more “advanced” 0.0 corps. Here’s a linky…

You’ll note that they are UK founded and therefore exactly 12 hours off my time and that really works out. 8:30 PM my time is 8:30 AM there time and they have several students and part-timers online. They seem pretty cool and I’m glad to have an old buddy and some new things to do on EVE.

Porter’s training is currently on hold while I train Suky Tawdry up as a Cyno field pilot. That’s a special pilot you need to open a jump target for Capital Ships like the Thanatos I want to buy. Masada is training up a lot of skills for carrier prep and other things. Masada’s Amarr faction standing was very low so I trained up Diplomacy so that I might be able to take missions to raise it. I also finished off Assault Ships 4 as a pre-req to HAC’s and to just be better in those ships. Mas is probably a week shy of my full Carrier train goal. But I still need a good 700 million ISK to fund the purchase and fittings.

I have a full carrier plan all worked out. I know where I’ll likely buy the carrier, the jump plan to pick it up, the mods I need, the Fighters I’ll fit, the fuel I need and the number of Cyno pilots and locations I’ll need them. I’m hoping to negotiate a safe location with a 0.0 alliance for storage. That way I can perhaps gain access to 0.0 space and trade jump services. I’m pretty close to getting that carrier and that’s what’s keeping me playing now.