Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Manifest Thanatos

Well, it finally happened. I slowly ground out enough ISK to be within throwing distance of buying a Carrier in EVE. My original intention was to wait until I had enough ISK to buy the carrier and not be broke afterwards. But as I hit about 850 million ISK, I found a Carrier for sale at 844 million. It was up on contract in the Everyshore region.

Besides being a great price (as carriers are going for over 900 million commonly), Everyshore is where I started playing EVE. It was the location of my first corporation and where I learned most of the ins and outs of the game. It was where I first researched my goals in the game and decided to go for Carrier. At the time, I really didn’t know it would take 3 years of playing to reach that goal. Now, I’ve play a lot of EVE, but only a few hours a week. Many other players have rushed to Carrier in less than a year. But I dilly dallied along the way and took my time.

I still have yet more training and probably another 400 million ISK in ship fittings before I would feel minimally qualified to fly it. But I did make my first cyno jump last night (that’s how Carriers travel) and I have it safely stored in a station where I can run out fittings to it.

In the next few weeks I will manufacture Fighters, purchase Capital repair modules, pick up a number of other fittings, scads of support drones and drone modules and deliver them all to my hanger. I will probably have to purchase a Blockade Runner Transport ship (Viator or Prorater) to make safe deliveries in to Low Security space. Carriers can only exist in Low Security—places in EVE where there is no interference to pilot warfare. I will also be maximizing key skills to improve survivability.

I am the Great Masada Akiva, Carrier Pilot of EVE.

Game On!