Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gamer Update

The high summer of New Zealand conspires to squeeze out my game time. My folks are visiting from the States and the beaches and other fantastic attractions of the islands keep me away from the game table. I missed out on the big game conference Kapcon 08 and I haven't hit a Wellington Area RPG Group meeting since November. But all is well and I'm sure I'll be in the gamer swing of things by the end of Feb.

I did get some awesome game time cards for Christmas. Thanks John! Woot! I also got a $10 "come back to Eve" special offer which should expire Feb 20th. But until then I have some cheap MMORPG action which is great since I'm not playing these all that much even.

My wonderful oldest son sent me a Lego game for xmas which is still waiting for me to have some extra game time to play with it. It looks cool.

In Eve, I have Porter working on her mission running (aka: combat) skills. She can now fly a Minmatar battleship (Typhoon) well enough to complete Level 4 missions where the real ISK is. This makes Porter a more well-rounded character than my "main" character, Masada (pictured right, hehe). Porter has awesome secondary/production skills and now as basic combat skills where Masada has stellar combat skills, but only poor secondary/production skills. Ah well. At the moment Masada is active (Porter is expired) and I'm training up Recon ships. The Arazu Force Recon Cruiser is great fun.

I hope you are all enjoying your Summer or Winter! Hehe! Game On!