Monday, July 28, 2008

I got a fEVEr for more cow bells

Nothing much to see here. I'm still working on making ISK in Eve so I can get that dang carrier. Masada can now take the Level 4 missions from the Royal Khanid Navy agents in my corps home. That means I can make a ton more ISK with missions. Still, I can only make about 40 mil a day. I need about 700 mil and that's nearly 20 days... bleh. Plus I don't really play every day.

As for training. Masada is on Gallente Cruiser V and Porter is still on Long Range Targeting V. Masada will qualify for Heavy Assault Cruisers (pretty bad ass) in about 2 weeks. Porter will qualify for Logistics ships in about 5 days. A Logistic ship is like a "healer" of the space ship world. They tend to make the ships they support seemingly invincible. But we'll see.

Otherwise... not much gaming going on. I might be teaching Gabe Magic the Addiction... er Magic the Gathering. I don't even know if they still make it.

Game on!

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JK said...

oh yeah, they still make it...
I've had cravings lately too.