Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I thought I'd post a quick note about joining Facebook. I expanded my social networking Fu by casting my gamer net over Facebook. I hauled in several fun widgets like "Tiny D&D" which has rekindled my desire for the old pen & paper game. I'm just plain ol' Curtis Owings on Facebook. Come on over and installed Tiny D&D.

I also joined the RGPLife site which has many social networking aspects, but is more RPG focused. It's a new site and just getting off the ground.

I downloaded Battleground RPG demo client. It is a virtual "table top" environment for over the Internet gaming. You basically play the old table top games over Skype and use BRPG to be the game table for diagraming physicial situations, sharing maps, etc. Might be cool... I'll have to get some play testers.

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trevor said...

If you are interested in virtual tabletops you might check this list for large selection:

Personally I recommend MapTool, it's free, is in very active development (be sure to check the forums), and has a rabid community. Be sure to check out the 1.3 version which will soon move from Development to Release.

Happy gaming !