Friday, October 31, 2008

Rockefeller "Rock" Ross, An Urban Legend in Aventures of Doom.

Rock was a legend in all the newspapers as an explorer. He has been all over Egypt, Persia, the Amazon, and the wilds of Africa. Reporters around the globe have tried to follow him to capture the story of discovery. But none of them have ever volunteered twice! Rock seems to always stumble across lost tribes of cannibals, ancient curses, and temples on the precipice of doom.

Guy and Devon Lareux tell stories of Rock every week to the whole staff of Lareux General Procurement. They claim to have met the man just after the War when he was still a young whelp. The way they tell the story, Rock got his start working with the brothers in Africa. But they also mesmerize the staff with stories of his further adventures.

But all the stories stopped 2 years ago. Rock announced he was on to a great new discovery which he kept very secret. But he disappeared only a few days after his announcement. Most folks assumed he took off in secret as he often did. But no one has heard from his since. The world still wonders what happened to Rock Ross, the Man of Adventure!
Adventures of Doom is a True20 Pulp RPG set in 1935 that I am developing for family play. It is designed to be non-gritty, contain themes appropriate for my 9 year old, and still entice my wife to play.


Justin said...

What a great idea... I'd love to play, maybe we could get our families to play together next time we are together.

Masada said...

Ha! We could give it a shot. True20 is pretty easy to learn. I got the idea from watching Gabe play for hours making up "Okie Dokie Jones" adventures from Rugrats. I thought, heck I could come up with a ton of cheesy adventure movies.