Monday, February 16, 2009

Game Blahs

I am hitting a bit of gamer duldrums. My two main online games are Eve and WoW. I can't afford to play Eve at $30 a month and WoW is still just... WoW. Both games are just what they have always been, but after several years on each, I do keep confronting a diminishing return in enjoyment.

The wife and I are working through Season Two of Battlestar Galactica. Definitely a great series and probably the best Sci-Fi series made. I saw a boardgame version at Wargame Supply that looked interesting. Waaay too expensive for me to afford right now, but looks cool.

I haven't checked MMORPG release schedules lately. Probably just more fantasy crap in the pipeline.

I'll have to hit the next Welly RPG meeting (WARG) and see what's shakin'.

Game On!


Lucas said...

BSG is amazing and quite worth your time. Indeed, possibly the greatest Sci-Fi ever made.


PS: Apocrypha is hitting in March. Don't know if you've seen the feature log. Pretty sweet stuff.

Troy said...

We played a three-player game of the BSG board game the other day. Lots of promise, but would probably be better with more players.