Sunday, April 5, 2009

Minor Facelift

I'm experimenting with blog themes and customization. This seems to be a key area of "differentiation" for blog sites. The end results are your blog chunks on a web site, but the tools you use to get them there are vastly different.

I am using 3 blog sites at the moment. Multiply has almost no layout editing tools, but does use CSS. If you were a web-coder, you could do about anything with this. I am not (yet). Blogspot has easy to use tools that offer quite a bit of flexibility, but there are still limits. Blog spot also lets you edit the code directly. Finally, I'm using Wordpress to capture my writing on a private blog. Wordpress has a huge selection of options. They range from ultra cool to rather puzzling. But it is easy to see that Wordpress has put the most effort in to user tools.

I don't know how you'd qualify which is best. It depends on how much you want to do.

Anyways... I've changed the look. Hope you like it.

Game On!

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