Monday, July 6, 2009

Long Live the MORG!

I have declared that from this day forth... Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Games shall no longer be referred to by the unpronouncable acronymn "MMORPG", but rather by "MMORG" in the proper sense and "morg" in common vernacular.

I mean if we can tolerate "pwnd" and "lolcatz" then why on earth do we have to stay saddled to MMORPG? Morg, I say!

I love morgs! Long live the morg! Hug your morg today!

Game On!



The Gamester At Large said...

Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation has pioneered the correct pronunciation of MMORPG:


Masada (aka: Curtis) said...

Muh Mor Puh Guh? Really?

That's tosh!

Morg! I can say 3 times before Mah Mor Puh Guh...

Morg Morg Morg.


The Gamester At Large said...

I think you are mistaking the advantages of the pronunciation for problems!

Masada (aka: Curtis) said...

I can't believe I am having to lobby a Kiwi for a reduction in syllables!

It's the "puh guh" at the end that makes the whole "phrase" clunky. I would have been mullified with "muh mor pug", but I still see "morg" as superior in form and elegance.

All subjective of course. I am counting on the laziness of humankind to see "morg" through.