Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ack! Two Months (almost)

You know how the holidays get all busy and stuff? There are all these parties and people want presents. There seems to be some focus on shopping... Well it has been messing with my game time. Plus a healthy dose of real life. I have been keeping up with some good doses of game-therapy. I think we all need our crutches now and then. I have one nagging problem with video game crutches though... they don't seem to help much. You know if you have a real problem, playing games doesn't get your creative energy going to fix them. In fact, I think it may tire you out on problem solving (since that is a major aspect of gaming). Just a theory. So while I have been gaming... I have also been working on dealing with it all too. Thus fewer blogs. But here is a recap...

I kept up with Eve Online and joined an old corp that was reforming. These guys are easy to get along with and still like some adventure. My favorite part of this group though is their active use of a voice server. They talk and joke all the time. It is my own private morning radio show. I rejoined and they moved out to big bad 0.0 space to try out the latest free Eve expansion, Dominion. To the non-Eve player... I couldn't begin to explain what this expansion did. To the experienced Eve player I can say they changed how sovereign space works and that changes everything in Eve. Again I am struck by the sheer slowness of Eve. As my charismatic corp-mate has said, "Nothing in Eve is quick except getting killed." Truth.

In Facebook, I've been totally hooked by Castle Age. It works just like Mafia Wars and other "points for quests" type FB games, but the story line is cooler and it has great art. I'm a sucker for pretty girl art. It gets me every time.

Time has been limited so I haven't been doing any other gaming. See you in space.

Game On!

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