Tuesday, March 9, 2010

News from the Front: Providence

Fighting continued in the border systems of Providence over the weekend, but no news of further sov advancement has come forth. It appears that Atlas has stalled for a few days. Fighting is still wide spread throughout the region. 50 man roaming gangs are common. Small capital fleets appear and disappear in lightning "hot drop" strikes. The general impact of such warfare is complete disruption of most activities in the region.

In such times, careful ratting or complex running is about the only thing you can do. Mining assets are too slow and too vulnerable to cyno spawned attacks. 10 man gangs can not cope with 50 man gangs. Undefended POS towers are quickly disabled. Any sort of Freighter op is right out. Providence commerce is slowing to a crawl.

In LFA, fleeing corps have left systems empty. Empty systems can not provide intel and empty stations receive few goods. Plus there is an ugly downside to NRDS policy combined with allowing Neutral pilots station access... Neutral "alts" can dock and tie up station resources (mfg slots) and engage in market warfare. These stations can then be used to resupply the enemy.

LFA's pocket is under dire threat of collapse. LFA will either disband leaving their systems unclaimed over night, or worse, they may be forced to sign up with invasionary forces; switching all 6 systems effectively to Southern Coalition control overnight.

CVA is on the ropes. Aralis, their Executor, is battered daily with pleas for help, guidance, or anything that can materially impact the aggression. But the only responses are oh so similar to those spoken by war torn Empire corporations for ages... "Keep docked, watch intel, wait out the storm. try not to lose too many ships."

The good news is that still only a tiny fraction of what CVA holds has actually changed hands and the assaults continue to weaken. Perhaps in another 30 days all will be quiet again, but until then, Providence is descending in to 0.0 violence equal to that seen in any null sec war in New Eden.

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