Tuesday, March 4, 2014

EVEn Now

The years go by and games come and go, but EVE seems to be eternal.  The big draw this month is that CCP is creating a real life stone monument to the game in Iceland with the name of every active pilot etched on it.  So yeah, Masada Akiva and Porter Thorne will be cut in stone along with 200,000 variations of genitalia euphemisms.  In strange, very unlike Eve fashion, I haven't lost my station or alliance.  I'm still with Apocalypse Now in Providence space and doing fine.

I've been cycling through various games.  My playing time has been drastically reduced, but I've passed through Star Wars The Old Republic, Defiance, more Star Trek Online, and a tiny bit of Elder Scrolls Skyrim.  Just playing around with this and that.

Defiance is a great little game for some light-hearted shooting and some fun racing around in dune buggies.  SWTOR keeps packing in more expansions which are adding to the game, but it feels like drips and drabs.  It never has quite enough meat to really bite in to.  STO keeps adding more and more content and all of it is pretty well done, but the game so completely easy that it offers no real challenge.  Plus I think STO should be a game full of moral quandary and the MMO offers zero real moral dilemmas. Elder Scrolls isn't online yet, but from what I'm hearing of the beta, I probably won't even try it.  The fantasy clones are just not compelling.

I am looking forward to Titanfall, but that's won't be an MMO of course.  I keep flirting with the idea of GW2, but then never feel like spending the full price even though I know it is only one time.  I just picked up Shadowrun and while I'm not a fan of the "retro" top-down playing format with static text, it is a good story and I always love a game with cyberware.

The next BIG adventure will be a foray in to real games.  I'm training to be a Blackjack dealer at one of the local casinos.  It isn't a lot of extra money, but it's more than minimum wage which is good enough for a second job.  I won't be quitting my day job, but it is fun to think I could shift careers in to professional gaming.  That might be cool.

Game on!

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