Thursday, June 19, 2008

Game NO

Well since I got back all I have been able to do is flip skills in EVE and run about 2 missions. Work and home are now both becoming too busy to allow much game time of any sort. I have gone ahead and canceled all accounts. I only have the one EVE account now anyway and it will expire here in a few days.

I think I'll try to do some cool gaming type things with the kiddo. He retains quite a bit of tension though. A game of Jenga nearly kills him, but he loves it. I wish I could find some other 8 year old games he liked. So far I seem to be pretty limited to Trouble and Sorry. Both are a bit below my interest threshold. But then it is hard to walk the line between a game we can both enjoy where I like very complex strategy games and he is... well 8. Maybe Break the Ice... I wonder if he'd like LIFE.... hmmm...

Anyways, with little time to game... that will probably make game blogging pretty lame. If free time returns I will of course pick up again.

So for the rest of you, Game ON.

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