Thursday, May 29, 2008


I played out Porter's account to the end. She is now expired and on a 30 day train to Minmatar Cruiser 5. Eventually, she will be ready to fly the Minmater Force Recon, the Rapier (above). It will take a fair bit to increase her gunnery to Tech 2 Projectiles, but she already had T2 small Projectiles so stepping up to mediums on the Rapier will not take long. She already has all the other supporting skills.
That account expires and I will be on vacation away from computer gaming for 2 weeks. Eve has the nice feature of allowing even expired accounts to continue on their training until they complete.
When I return from vacation I will most likely activate my Masada Akiva account and continue to work on his combat skills for missioning and general ISK generation until I can buy a carrier. I have recently discovered that my little back water low security system is less than 14 lightyears from Gultran (a TOG Empire haunt). That means I have easy to acquire resources in my system and an easy to reach friendly market some 25 hops away. That may create market opportunity. If I had a carrier. But like all things in EVE... EVEntually it will come.
Game On!

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