Friday, May 2, 2008


Still in a bit of a rough patch gamewise. I still have one active WoW account, but I can only rarely catch my friends back in the states. The timezones conspire to only allow me to find play time when it is like 2 AM their time.

I cancelled both EVE accounts. This saves me nearly $40 a month and I need it. Besides I wasn't playing nearly as much. My laptop's wireless access card (EVDO) tanked and that makes it hard to play both accounts which you need to do in order to make any sort of solo game progress. Again, my timezone shift and knocked me out of playing with the folks I knew. Plus EVE is a very slow game. It takes forever to accomplish even small progress.

Work has been just busy enough to de-rail any planning on Adventures of Doom. Although, I'm hitting the point where I'll just have to wing it.

Grand Theft Auto IV just launched here in NZ. I have no desire to buy a Playstation 3, but the game looks good. I'm sure someday they'll release a PC version (PC for Personal Computer, of course, since there can be no more un-PC game ever).

Warhammer Online has derailed to late Fall 2008 and that probably means "maybe before Christmas." So that's out. There are virtually no titles on my radar worth looking at.

I'm actually thinking of falling back to Texas Hold'em.

The game I have been playing the most often now is Tetris on my cell phone... that's how desparate it is folks.

~Game On!

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Ben said...

I've replaced gaming with sex... give it a shot...