Friday, May 9, 2008

TOGgle On? Check!

So I found a large game community of "mature" gamers. Called TOG, The Older Gamers, it appears to have members around the globe and in to virtually every video game ever known to man... including those extinct for a generation... Hehe... I guess that makes me old too. Anyway, I've linked them under Gamey Link to the right and I'll give them a go here for a while. A couple of my online buddies have been in their group for a long time so they come well recommended.

I am still enjoying Guild Wars (not unexpected in only 3 days!) I have also discovered that after buying one boxed set, you can purchase the rest online through the log on interface. In NZD that adds up to $60 per title. But then the shelf price was $90 per title. So that is a savings to me! Still I'll hold off a bit on further purchases.

Game On!

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Yrsa said...

One of the best things (I've found) about TOG is the ability to say "Give me 10 minutes - gotta put the kids to bed" and not get a bunch of stupid responses. Or say "afk - munchkin 911" and coming back to a bunch of replies wishing said kidlet well and hoping things are okay.

I like to play with kids my age ;)