Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fee-less Adventurer

I've been looking more seriously at Guild Wars. It looks very WoW-like, but no monthly fees! My webivestigation has determined it is probably not quite as vast as WoW and may have less overall content. But hell... it's free. I have enjoyed WoW, but occasionally I do become morally offended by the notion that even after spending hundreds of dollars on the game, I can't play it for free yet.

I'm thinking of doing a common build of Elementalist and Mesmer--generally refered to as a "Nuker". BOOM BABY BOOM! (obscure Tick reference) ((Tick is an obscure comicbook reference))

Guild Wars is sold in 3 "chapters"--Prophesy, Factions and Nightfall. You can buy any of them and play online. Each chapter allows you access to more zones and content--plus skills, classes and other goodies. You can play in PvE and PvP in any chapter. PvP looks to be more arena-style were you can fashion a top level character immediately or use your PvE developed character. There is also an "expansion" called Eye of the North which I guess is like a mini-chapter.

Regardless... there is a fee-less world out there. My new quest is to find the land of the Free.

Game On!


Yrsa said...

Fee-less and FUN :) And, considering the bizarre schedule I keep, we might actually be able to play together for a little bit every couple days :)

See you there :)

Masada said...

Holy Shit! I have a reader??!!

Masada said...

I created an Elementalist/Mesmer (only just 5 level) named Lillith Sade. I'm in Nightfall. Cy'all in game.

Grok It said...

Holy shit! You have more than one!

Ben said...

even more than that!