Wednesday, May 21, 2008

EVEr Onward

I forgot to mention that my Eve corporation decided to split from the BRUCE Alliance. One of the primary things EVE has going for it is the entirely player driven politics. The shape of EVE is defined by the players. More than 50% of the galaxy is controlled solely by player corporations and alliances. These relationships shift frequently and often spill over in to your little corner of space. The BRUCE Alliance was huge. It quickly grew to over 1500 players. But just as quickly it faded. Although, I suspect there will still be good things to see from BRUCE. By the way, BRUCE stands for BRUtally Clever Empire.

In EVE you control star systems by building permanent structures and hold them. If you hold a system long enough, you become "sovereign" and can then build an Outpost Station. Stations can never be destroyed, but you can lose control of them. Stations generate vast wealth as they tax every one that uses them for repairs, market sales, refining and production. They are the power base in EVE. An alliance is then defined by what space it has established sovereignty in and how many Outposts it controls. You can see a map of territory (updated weekly) here...

Each of these colored blobs is a 100% player controlled alliance with sovereignty of the systems contained with in. Each of the faint dots is a star system with up to a dozen planets, asteroid belts, moons, stations and other features. Eve is huge.

BRUCE established itself by appealling to the "good guys" in Eve. We all rallied behind the ideals and the leadership of the alliance. But then the guy decided sunshine was preferable to Eve super-stardom. When the leadership changed... the alliance disintegrated. There are still shards of it, but it probably will not be able to hold what it has taken for much longer.

My corp leadership decided to move on. But I hope BRUCE does well.

By the by... the pictures I post of Eve are all real screen shots. That Providence picture below is quite large if you click on it. You can spin 360 degrees horizontally and vertically around that ship and change camera views throughout. Eve is graphically very nice.

Game On!

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