Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sound Shaping: a new Power of Doom

Fatiguing, Maintenance
The Adept has supernatural control of sounds. Sound Shaping can not function in areas of supernatural silence or in a vacuum, but it does function underwater. Targets with no ability to hear are unaffected by Sound Shaping. Wearing protective ear plugs (or similar) gains +2 on saves versus Sound Shaping.

Eavesdropping: The adept can listen in on conversations (even whispered) conversations at a distance of 120’. The target must be within line of sight. The adept is effectively amplifying the sound to her own location. The conversation can be “turned up” for all to hear or kept soft to whisper level. Eavesdropping requires a Difficult Check of 10 plus situational modifiers. This use of Sound Shaping is not Fatiguing.
Mimic Sound: The adept can recreate any tonal sounds she has experienced in person. This can include the voice patterns of a speaker she has listened to for at least 10 minutes granting a +2 on Disguise checks when attempting to be a specific person. The adept can instantly pick up accents and dialects of languages she knows (+1 on social interaction skills). Animal sounds that have been heard once can be recreated. Virtually any sound can be mimicked—gun shots, door slams, windows breaking, train whistles, etc. Sounds recreated this way can not be so loud as to be damaging. This power functions even when the adept is gagged otherwise unable to speak. The adept can “source” the sounds from any spot within 120’ that is in view. This is effectively an aural illusion which may grant a target a Will save to detect the deception. Mimicking requires a Difficulty Check of 15, however, the result becomes the save DC for the target. Mimicry lasts 1 minuter per adept level. The adept can make another fatigue check to extend the duration. In general, using this power should only grant +/- 2 to any given effect.
Daze: By emitting sharp sounds the adept can daze a target for one round per adept level if the target fails a Fortitude save. The adept must make a DC of 15 Daze a target.
Nauseate: By emitting sub-sonic tones the adept can induce the Sickened condition on the target for 1 round per adept level. The difficulty check for Nauseate is 20.
Silence: The adept can center a 5’ sphere of silence on a person or object. If the subject is unwilling they can resist the effect by making a Will save. The base Difficulty for this effect is 25. The target must be within 60’ of the adept. The adept can increase the area of effect by an additional 5’ radius by adding +5 to the check to a maximum of 15’ radius. Targets caught inside the effect, but not targeted by it receive a Reflex save to get out of the area of the sphere.

Time: Sound Shaping is a Standard Action, only Eavesdropping and Mimic Sound require maintenance.

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