Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Politics of Eve

I would like to write about a bit of Eve history, but the whole story would take far too long for one humble blog post.  You could perhaps gleen from other posts that my corportation has moved in to the null security region of New Eden (the galaxy that makes up Eve Online) known as Providence.  We joined an alliance known as a Holder; a vassel of Curatores Veritas Alliance (CVA).  We are therefore at war with Ushra'Khan and their ally AAA (Against All Authorities).  But these words are probably mostly meaningless to those who are not pilots of Eve. 

This part of the big difference between Eve Online and other morgs.  There were no "quests" sending us to Providence.  The structure of the Holders was not created by the designers.  The rationale behind the epic warfare was not drafted by a mission writer.  Providence is merely an uncontrolled region like a dozen others.  But it has been made special by the creativity of the players.  A long time ago... in a galaxy far, far away...

A band of pilots decided to create context behind the cold combat of Eve.  One side took up the banner of CVA as an extension of the Amarr Empire (one of the 4 developer created races of Eve).  The other side took up banner of Ushra'Khan, a Minmatar faction sworn to fight all Amarr everywhere.  They divided up Providence as a region where both sides could play out the drama of Order vs Chaos.  The history of the CVA/Ushra'Khan War was born.

Over time, CVA grew in power and upset the balance in Providence.  They cast out Ushra'Khan and took the whole of the region.  But so vast an area could not be controlled effectively by one alliance.  The Holders were created as subservient alliances to CVA to maintain Providence and up hold its goals.  The principle goal being to allow pilots outside the alliance who were not lawless to use Providence openly and without fear of aggression from CVA or the Holders.  This principle has made Providence the single most developed section of 0.0 security space known in New Eden.  But Ushra'Khan did not go quietly in to the night.

The war never ended and is still fought today.  But today, Ushra'Khan has allied with the current undisputed force in Eve, Against All Authorities.  AAA and UK have come to Providence and now threaten to destroy CVA and the Holders... The move was not unprovoked.  CVA masterminded an attack on AAA timed to take advantage of a weakness in AAA.  But once AAA recovered, they turned all their terrible power to Providence and delivered a series of blows to the Holders.  The culmination of this was a massive battle at an edge system called D-GTMI.  This battle will forever be remembered as the worst massacre of pilots in the most one-sided victory every seen in New Eden.  The after-shock of this tragedy has shaken the resolve of several Holders and we are at the brink of Civil War in Providence.  The Holders ignoring the will of CVA while AAA and Ushra'Khan batter at the gates.  It is a time of darkness... There will be betrayal, death, savagery, and chaos.

No other morg can offer a story arch more rich and more meaningful.

See you in space!
Game On!

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