Monday, February 8, 2010

War For-EVE-r

Warfare in Providence continues as -A- and Ushra'Khan stab at the heart of CVA space in a solar system known as 9UY4-H.  Few reading this will know anything about the significance of this system.  In the begining of the racial war between CVA and U'K, Providence was held by both sides.  Both honored the convention that pilots of neutral standing would be allowed to fly unmolested.  In these days the concept of sovereignty was entirely different.  If you had towers in a system, you owned it and you could build an Outpost in that system.

Outposts are eternal.  They can never be destroyed, but they can be lost (transferred).  In those early days of Ushra'Khan they erected an Outpost that was named Unity Station.  They held it for a long time until CVA broke the accords of the war and took Unity Station from Ushra'Khan.  That station resided in solar system 9UY4-H.  U'K are now close to reclaiming the station of their birth.  The fervor is fanatic.  To place ones self between Ushra'Khan and Unity Station is suicide.

As for myself, life goes one in CVA.  The strategic significane of 9Uy4-H is not muted by use of Jump Bridges.  We no longer have to travel through directly connected systems and can quite happily bypass 9UY indefinitely.  My area of Providence has no need to travel to distant 9UY anyway.  I have re-shipped and now seek to replensh my wallet.  This will be slow going in the war, but in Eve all things are accomplished in time.

Game On!

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