Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grin and Bear it

Josh and Evy finally track down Walking Bear to a mafia warehouse. As they contemplate how best to get in, a man in full body armor strikes up a conversation. He is Sgt. Carter of the Spartan Alpha squad. He has been sent to assist them in finding Walking Bear.

Waiting until nightfall the trio climb on to the roof where they enter by to the top stairwell. Evelyn makes quick work of picking the locks on the way down. Josh brilliantly disables various guards. Carter proves to be no slouch with a right hook.

In the warehouse main dock they encounter another small strike squad. The Germans! After a brief conversation, the germans attack. But the heroes overcome. Lt. Nightshade uses some sort of strange power to fill the warehouse with fog and then vanishes. The fallen soldiers are gone when the mist clears... leaving only their spilt blood behind. Walking Bear is rescued.

Commander Johnson, leader of the Spartan Squad, is at the Lareux Procurement house when they return. It seems this strange ancient technology is now wanted by both sides. The race is on! Stay tuned for our next episode as America races in to the Arizona wilds to find the Temple of Isis... another Adventure of Doom!

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