Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The USS Macon: Rigid Airship of Doom

The race for ancient technology is on and the US won't be left behind. Leveraging the best of German science, the US commissions the USS Macon as the strike platform of choice for the quest.

The Macon can travel to every corner of the globe regardless of roads or airstrips. Housing 5 of its own bi-plane fighters it can lauch formidible airstrikes. On board barracks also provide a home for the highly experimental Spartan Alpha Squad--the first Army unit to capitalize on Atlantean technology. These super soldiers have been trained from a young age in the Spartan style by the venerated and wiley Commander Johnson.

Johnson fought along side the Lareux brothers in WWI and now the three of them are putting their knowledge and teams together to beat the Nazis and their witch captain, Lt Hilda Nightshade. Spectre, Drake, and Sgt. Carter now form the front line in the Adventures of Doom!

Real History of the USS Macon:
The US really did have aircraft carrying rigid airships in 1935... Two of them. The USS Akron and the USS Macon. The Akron crashed on April 3rd, 1933 with the loss of nearly all on board. The Macon would crash (losing only 3 crew) on Feb 12th, 1935. The Akron and Macon were modifications of German designs. They were the largest rigid airships to use helium gas rather than the explosive hydrogen gas used by the Germans. Helium was extremely expensive and only the US had the resources to use such large volumes of gas. Each ship did carry 5 planes. The original idea was to use these ships as long range spotters over the ocean. As airplane technology advanced, the airship became too vulnerable to be used effectively in combat and after the Macon, the US would never commission another rigid airship for military use.

Here is the info on the "Sparrowhawk" fighters used by the Akron and the Macon.

Here is the best resource I've found on all historic airships.

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