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More Feats of Doom

Feats listed below are for a True20 based RPG in the Adventures of Doom campaign. I am capturing them here for convenience to me and my players. (Who never read this stuff anyway.)

Mind Touch*
Adept Power, Maintenance

You can establish contact with another mind. The base Difficulty is 10, modified by familiarity. An unwilling subject gets a Will saving throw to avoid contact. If the save is successful, no contact is made. If you do not want the subject to know you are making mental contact, you can make a separate opposed Mind Touch check against the subject’s Sense Motive, Second Sight, or check (whichever has the highest bonus). If you win, the subject is unaware of your attempt. If the subject wins, she is aware of your attempt (whether you succeed or fail in actually establishing contact).

While you are in mental contact with another being, the two of you can communicate at the rate of normal speech, hearing each other’s thoughts. You can also send a single visual image each round instead of speaking. Both you and the subject can choose to lie or omit information; you’re “speaking” to each other mentally, not reading each other’s thoughts. Mind Touch is two-way, meaning you are in mental contact with the subject for purposes of her powers and vice versa. Subjects do not need to share a common language. Targets with less than -3 INT have no "thoughts" but will have instints/feelings (see Empathy below). If a friendly mental contact turns hostile, the subject can make a Will saving throw to break contact. Once the subject has failed an attempt to eject the intruder from her mind, she can’t break the contact. The victim can attempt to beat the adept unconscious.

If your Mind Touch is broken, any other powers you are maintaining requiring mental contact are also broken.

Empathy: While in contact you receive empathic feedback from the target (e.g. hunger, fear, love, anger, etc). A targest who attempt to hide their emotions get a Will save to filter empathic content. This can sometimes be instinctively done even when the subject is not aware of the power. Using this power during other uses of Bluff, Diplomacy, or Initimidate grant +2 on the attempt. Uses of Suggestion (adept power) on a touched mind impose a -1 penalty to Will saves relating to the suggestion.

Mentally Aiding Others: While in mental contact with another character, you can use the aid action (a standard action) to grant that character a +2 bonus on Will saving throws or on any skill check where your skill rank is equal to or greater than the subject’s. The adept can also attempt to shake a subject out of a charm or beguiling. This grants the victim one additional save. If the save fails the subject is aware of the adepts attempt to manipulate them.

Try Again: You can retry Mind Touch freely, but retries on the same subject within an hour’s time are fatiguing.
Time: Mind Touch is a move action. It requires concentration to maintain.

*This power differs from the text in the True20 Handbook

Voudon Blessing
Adept Ritual

Adept may spend 1 hour crafting a voudon fetish of two varieties. A White Blessing grants the wielder +1 Attack and +1 Damage with any weapon. The fetish is creepy and usually constructed dead flesh of animal origin (including human). Anyone who spots the fetish makes all further reaction checks toward the holder at -1 (effectively -1 CHA). The fetish is a small object for purposes of concealment. Alternatively, the Adept can create a Black Fetish which grants the holder +2 Attack and +2 Damage, but drops the Adept's Charisma by -4.

The effects of either charm end at the next sunrise. The charm disappears at dawn. The Adept can spend 1 minute of concentration to absorb the charm.

Spirit Guide
Adept Feat (Familiar)

The adept gains a spirit guide with the same utility as a Familiar. The spirit guide is human (or humanoid). The spirit can only be seen and heard by the adept. Other Adepts with Spirit Guide can hear other Adept's guides, but not see them. Creatures/entities that can see in to the Astral Plane or other Ghosts can see the Guide. The spirit is an ally and friend to the adept and will act accordingly (warning her of danger, etc).

Spirit Guides are incorpreal. They can move through unprotected barriers and fly. They have Darkvision and normal hearing. Spirit Guides have one Wis/Int/Cha based skill per point of Adept Charisma. They have no physical stats (Str, Dex, Con) and can distribute 4 points in to mental stats (Wis, Int, Cha). They gain skill points when the Adept advances a level. They gain 1 Skill Point / point of Adept Cha per level.

Level 1-2: Spirit and Adept can speak and see each other. Spirit is bound to a physical object carried by the Adept and can not range more than 60' from this object. If the object is lost, the Adept can summon the Spirit back to a new object in a ritual taking one day.

Level 3-5: Guides can appear and speak to others within 60'. Guides can commune with the spirits of the dead in yes/no/mu fashion. Adept must be touching remains or a cherished object of the deceased.

Level 5-7: Guide and Adept can now commune mentally. Range increases to 120'.

Level 8-10: Spirit Guide can detect lies told in its presence.

Spartan Alpha Armor

Grants the character the ability to use Spartan Alpha Squad armor of Atlantean design. This Feat is required to further enhance Spartan armor with additional upgrades.

Plasma Grenade
Warrior (Pre-Req: Spartan Alpha Armor, 3rd level)

Once per combat encounter the Spartan armor can produce a single Plasma Grenade (Dam +5, Radius 5', Range Increment 10' / +1 STR, Reflex save (10 + Warrior Level) for half). The grenade appears in the warrior's hand. If unused (held) it disappears at the end of combat. If the grenade is dropped it detonates as normal. On a critical hit the grenade sticks to the target negating the Reflex save.

Plasma grenades are luminous. Carrying one imposes a -4 Stealth penalty. It also draws attention and attacks. Plasma grenades deal fire damage for purposes of overcoming DR, but is not "flame" for purposes of igniting other flamables or explosives.

Every 3 levels the warrior gains 1 additional grenade per encounter (1 per round), +5' radius, and +1 damage. (e.g. at 6th level 2/combat, 10' radius, Damage +6). Max 5/combat, 15' radius, Damage +8.

Ki Dart
Warrior, Fatiguing

The warrior can focus internal energy and fire it as a bolt at a single target as a Full Round action. (Dam +3, Range 30'). The Dart hits automatically for either lethal or non-lethal damage. Target can either make a Reflex save or a Toughness save vs. DC 15 to avoid damage.

Ki Needles
Warrior (Pre-Req: Ki Dart), Fatiguing

Warrior can fire up to 3 bolts at up to 3 targets (Dam +3, Range 30') normal ranged attack. Three bolts could be fired at 1 target as 3 attacks. Full Round action.

This Won't Be Easy
Warrior / Expert (Pre-Req: Acrobatics 5+)

The character can always force combat on to unstable ground for 1d4 rounds once per encounter. As a Free Action, they spill a bucket of soapy water, kick over a barrel of apples, balance on a handrail. Something always seems to be around to make the fight harder.

The player makes a "power check" of d20 + Level. This becomes the Acrobatics check modifier for all combatants in direct melee with the character. Opponents must make an Acrobatics Check DC 10+result while the player makes a check DC of 5+result. A failed check results in -4 to their attack and loses their dodge bonuses. A failed result by 10 means they have fallen prone.

Aspect of the Sword
Warrior (Pre-Req: Improved Strike)

The warrior spends 15 minutes attuning to a melee weapon of superior quality and gains the damage and DR qualities of that weapon. The effect lasts 24 hours and requires meditation each day to re-establish. The weapon can not be changed once set until the next day. The weapon must be one the warrior can use without penalty. The weapon must remain in the possession of the warrior for the duration of the effect. If the weapon is lost for more than 1 minute per level, the effect ends.

The effects of Aspect of the Sword are subtly visible and alter the hands and feet slightly in representation of the tuned weapon.

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