Thursday, March 27, 2008


So last weekend (Easter) there was a big Sci-Fi conference called Conjuction held here in Wellington. I did not go. It was freaking $100 and then you got to add in costs for everything else you wanted to do. While it did look interesting, I did not find out about it with enough time to really plan for it. It did have a writing contest I was somewhat interested in and several writer workshops. But still... $100. Once I get in a better swing of things here I may hit it next year.

So there is another gamey type con coming up in April called Armaggedoncon. Details at This one is only $15 to get in with no contests or workshops. The most exciting thing is a VIP dinner with one of the guest celebrities for $120. Now dinner with a working film star (even if they are small ones) would be pretty cool.

Pulp expo looks nice for Gabe too. I think it will be a fun thing to try out. It is a easy walk from the train too. Mostly it looks like a swap meet. The other fun notable is the "world's largest" Star Wars costume club will be attending. I've always secretly wanted a Storm Trooper costume. I mean... who doesn't? I scoff at all those loser trekkies with their pansy spandex. Give me full-on body armor, baby! No limp wrist palm-sized stun gun. I want the big FU blaster rifle! Ahem... anyways... I think the kiddo will like it.

On game news... WoW interest is fading. EVE is meh. I got the kid Godzilla for the Game Cube--it is pretty cool. For True20 tabletop gaming I have worked up a pulpy 1935 campaign idea based on Indiana Jones and just general World War II coolness. Gabe wants to be a ninja... perfect. *grin*

Game On!

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