Thursday, March 13, 2008

What am I playing?

I still plunk around with World of Warcraft. I'm going between two servers. A long while ago I ran up my wife's Horde Shaman to 60th level on a PvP server (Nazjatar). She (the toon, not my wife) whomps buttock. I like the dual-wield Enhance-o-shammy. She's a glass tank, but I'm addicted to the occasional sudden death this build can produce. The other character I'm playing is on a PvE server, Muradin. Bicklefitch is now a 22nd level Draenai Mage. Mostly I just like the nice graphics and exploratory nature of WoW with a little combat challenge mixed it. It's like reading a trash romance novel. It passes the time without profoundly altering the reader.

I'm keeping up with EVE. That is I'm keeping skills in training. I do try to rat now and then, but I tend to spend ISK about as fast as I earn it. I'm considering letting the accounts drop again. I wish there was a way to lease them out or something. Perhaps as an omen, EVE has been down for over 12 hours due to a patch. A more and more common occurance. I do not think the system can scale up anymore which continues to hinder it's long term life span.

Complicating the computer game play is a flaky video card. So when the lack of new/interesting game content combine with spontaneous reboot frustration... I retreat back to tabletop rpg stuff. I say "stuff" cuz I'm not really playing anything... just thinking about playing. I make sketch characters and think about game world concepts. Sorta sad really. Like watching a kid try to play baseball by himself. I'm focusing on True20. It looks fast to play and easy to use. I may steal a few elements from the not fast and not easy to use Spycraft. But I plan to be careful with that. Too much Spycraft would ruin the whole point, but SC has some nice self-scaling bits. Plus the "dramatic scenes" are too awesome to exclude especially for things too mechanically complex to work out like vehicle combat.

Play safe out there! Game On!

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