Monday, March 17, 2008

Not Happy Camping

So I decided to focus my game time on Eve again. I have two computers running fairly well and using both accounts helps to make ISK (credits). While I have been attempting to kill rats for bounties, this rate of income is slow and getting boring. I thought I'd go back to some industry and mining. The problem here was that I didn't have all the right ships or modules to re-fit for industry. I then decided to use a good sized chunk of my remaining 200 million ISK for a new tech 2 hauler, the Impel.

The Impel is an Amarrian vessel and one of the better haulers in the game. With a good module fit (seven Cargo Expander II's) the total payload is 27,400 cubic meters--just 100 m3 short of a full jettison container. I bought one off a fellow corp-mate and proceeded to pilot it back to my main base of operation where I was close to the resources I would be mining. Porter Thorne is my industrial based character and while she has a good 10 million skill points, virtually none of it is in combat. On the way back the server lagged horribly. I was basically stuck 2 systems out from the safety of the station. I couldn't log in. No problem really as I could always come back later. Well about 2 hours later I did come back. I logged in with no issue. Porter loaded okay and my ship appeared on screen... right in the middle of a huge attack fleet. She was instantly killed and podded. I lost the 60 million Impel and the 40 million cover ops ship and modules I was carrying in the Impel... Nothing like a little 100 million ISK set back over a server issue... I am not amused.

Later I did manage to get mining set up. It was riskier and slower because I didn't have the Impel, but I did manage to pull out about 40 million ISK in minerals. Annoying and unsatisfying. But it if my luck improves then I can make ISK faster than ratting... but we'll see. I forgot to mention that I lost my battleship in an PvP engagement the day before... another 100 million ISK set back. Tough week in EVE.

I almost decided to drop out of the alliance I'm in and move back to safer Empire space. But I know that if I did that, my income potential would plummet. Even so... I've also been considering dropping the accounts. It's a gaming lull at the moment.

Game On!

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Masada said...

For those of you concerned about my lack of ISK in EVE, you'll be happy to know that I made about 50 million yesterday from mining and salvage profits.