Friday, February 22, 2008

EVE Log 20080222

Long hours of study stretching to days and years have completed to allow me to finally sit in the command pod of the ship I have most desired. A few weeks ago I finally finished Thanatos training and now I am expanding the other skills necessary to insure the safety of such a grand vessel.

I have long possessed the skills necessary to control the massive fighter drones used by carriers. I trained them early as the primary weapons to be used as I advanced. I must admit that my skills are somewhat scattered--perhaps too much hubris in my youth. It took me a while to develop the focus needed for carrier training.

A few standard days ago I lost a Thorax. I had configured it to be a speed salvage wagon and in a moment of distraction some high speed Serpentis scouts rushed me with warp scramblers. My the time I noticed the attack my armour nanos were nearly overwhelmed. In retrospect I may have been able to hit the afterburners to escape. But in the confusion I took too long to align and lost the ship. But I did manage to return with my battleship to mop up the bastards. Damn rats.

I have my loyal “assistant” working on her refining skills. She’ll be running the station reprocessers at peak efficiency in no time. I think between her mining skills and pirate bounties I’ll probably have enough ISK for a carrier in a month or so. Hard to say… but I’m hoping.

~Masada Akiva, Gallente Capital Pilot, Phoenix Division, BRUCE Alliance

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