Friday, February 29, 2008


Well I'm having some issues in New Zealand... It seems that while the Game Cube may have once been rumored to exist on these isles, over hunting and deforestization have left it extinct in all but private collections. Gabe (my son) is pining away for a console game system.

Adding more difficulty to the mix is the different power requirements of NZ. Our adapter will not work here and we'll need to find a new one. So I continue to search for new cables and/or replacements.

Console games are still very popular here, but ye Gods! they are expensive. $1200 for the Playstation 3 which I found hilariously expensive in the US at $800. The X-Box 360 is still $500 and still plagued with bugs. The Wii is still wildly unavailable. The only older game system that seems to be available is the Playstation 2 at still roughly $100.

There are no new Gameboy Advance games--only a handful of Gameboy DS games. The market is pretty slim. So far my plan has only been to try to watch trademe (ebay site) for good deals. But buying off trademe has proved surprisingly difficult.

To all you US folks... Hug your console today. We must envy you from NZ.

Game On!

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Anonymous said...

I'll kiss my Wii for you! -JK