Thursday, February 28, 2008

EVE log 20082802

I've hit upon a rapid succession of quality skills. I completed Remote Repair Systems V yesterday. This allows me to move on to Capital Remote Repair Systems. In Capital ship combat (a true clash of titans) the ability to "spider rep" with capital-class system is tide turning in battle. Spider repping is setting up multiple ships to remote repair each other. Generally more capacitor efficient and hard to break than self repair. There is none better this tactic than the Carrier. Possessing this skill moves me from being a simple carrier pilot to being a dangerous carrier pilot. Still, I need more work on capacitor management, but in only a couple of days I should be able to use the tech 2 versions of the capacitor boosting gear. Of course, it takes two to tango with remote repair. I still have a week or more to train Capital Repair Systems. However, I still do not have near the resources to purchase a carrier so the point is moot. If I did have one, I would be slightly more at risk to destruction if caught solo. But really friends... if I'm caught alone in a carrier with no ability to jump out... then I probably deserve to lose it.

No carrier pilot is complete without massive drone skills. While I have trained Fighters up to 3 a long while ago, I had skipped all other other racial specialist skills. I have now aquired all 4 of them. Gallente spec is trained to 4 (for tech 2 Ogre drones), Minmatar and Caldari to 2 (good enuf for T2 medium drones) and I need to train up Amarr. But that will most likely wait. The alliance formally recognizes pilots that have all racial specs to 4 with the medal "Lord of Puppets". However, that level would take about 3-4 more weeks of training. While prestigous, I would have little use for T2 heavy drones of other races at the moment. Ogre II's deal the most and best damage for our current region. Still I like knowing I could train to this goal if (and when) I desire.

ISK continues to prove elusive. The Serpentis scum inhabiting the Fountain belts are pertpetually hunted to near extinction. Bounties are thin and painfully slow. Unfortunately, other means of production are equally elusive. My assistant, Porter, could provide good mining revenue, but even that requires time. Plus, my odd sleep cycle now puts me at odd hours with my corporate friends. Any activity in 0.0 requires full support. Generally speaking one needs 3-4 pilots to functionally operate. This has not been the reality for me in some weeks. But I can still scrape together what bounties I can solo until more opporunities arrise.

~Masada Akiva, Gallente Captial Pilot, PHDV, Bruce Alliance

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