Saturday, February 23, 2008


Weak... as in, "I am weak." So I re-activated one of our WoW accounts. It doesn't mean I'm an addict. Really. I'm pretty sure.

Regardless, I just felt like running through the blue green forests again. In a lot of ways WoW is like visiting someplace on vacation you liked. Every once in a while you think, "gosh, it would be nice to visit again..." and of course you can very easily with Warcraft.

I re-activated my wife's account so that she can play. I think she may like it more than I at this point. I'm just goofing around, but she may get more play out of it. I created a new female Draenai mage named, Bicklefitch on the Muradin server. It is PvE and simple brain-candy to play. Playing again was exactly what I thought it would be. A nice visual and some easy travel. I played Horde extensively before and the Draenai side is all new to me. I skipped playing for 2 months. One month of one account can't hurt, right? Hehe...

Game On!

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