Friday, February 22, 2008

True 20

I've been looking at this tabletop RPG system for awhile. I actually have the PDF for it. It is a really nice looking system. It is basically d20 based only extremely stream-lined. I think it would be a good starter system for younger players or new players. It has feats, stats and all the other bits, but everything is only a d20 roll. The only thing they track are the + / - modifiers alone. So for Strength you would only write "Str +3" instead of "Str 16 +3" like you would do for regular d20.

The genre is purposely kept generic. It would be exceptionally easy to run Any Campaign(TM). But there are a number of products using it. Green Ronin is one of the best 3rd party publishers around too. I don't get to play tabletop as often as I would like, but I hope other folks still do.

I'll be looking for some folks to try this one out with here in Wellington. Or maybe I'll run something simple with the family unit.

Game On!

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